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Elizabeth's Year in Israel (2004-2005)

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Welcome to my new homepage for the year!!!!  I figured since I am so far away from everyone, what better way for you all to see what I am up to than my very own Year-in-Israel Webpage!!!!!!


The Western Wall in Jerusalem
westernwall.jpg I am!!!!!!!!

Friends of mine from Israel
Yaron, Zohar, and Ron - worked with me at GUCI

As hopefully you all know, I am spending the year in Jerusalem as a 1st year rabbinical student at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (or HUC as we all call it!!!!!)  I'm so excited to be living here for the year-- learning, studying, and growing as a person with my fellow classmates.  Here's a link to the HUC homepage, if you're interested!!!!  

Right now, here's as much of the contact info that I have - my new e-mail address that I will have all year:
I also have my real address in case anyone is interested in sending stuff (wink,wink, nudge, nudge):
Elizabeth Wood 
6 Jabotinsky #13
92142  Jerusalem, Israel 
Elizabeth Wood
Hebrew Union College
13 King David Street
94101  Jerusalem, Israel
  (which is a great place to send my mail to, because someone will always be there to receive it!!!!)
I have a cell phone number!!!!!  The actual number itself is 054-6562744. Also, I have this great new thing called Vonage which uses my internet to connect me to this company back in the states.  Therefore, my number is a Chicago area number, but it reaches me here in Jerusalem!!!  I pay a flat rate and have unlimited minutes to recieve AND DIAL calls to the U.S.  My number is (847) 748-2008.  So call me!!!!!


What's new in my world?

BIG NEWS:  I actually now have a chicago area number that reaches me here in Jerusalem.  It's charges you just like if you were to call Chicago!!!!  See Below and to the side for more details!!!!

monkeys are great

I am here and living in Jerusalem for the year...but I will be returning at the end of May/early June of 2005!!!!